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WSD2-01 Apprenticeship Subcontracting: Understanding the latest rules for both levy and non-levy delivery
Facilitated by Simon Ashworth, AELP

Were you are aware that from January 2018 the ESFA rules governing subcontracting of apprenticeship delivery were updated? Whether this is news to you or you just want to check your understanding, come to this informative session to make sure you are compliant and fully aware of the rule changes. Join in the discussion and debate to consider how providers can still work within the rules to deliver quality and compliant programmes.
WSD2-02 Getting to grips with end-point assessment through the new AELP training resource for assessors
Facilitated by Cathie Smith, Pearl Assess & John McNamara & Elaina Behl, Innovate Awarding

AELP has collaborated with Pearl Assess and Innovate Awarding to create a free, on-line course for members wishing to increase their knowledge of end-point assessment. It has been designed for those who are involved in the training delivery and preparation for ‘Gateway’ or assessors who may wish to go onto further training with an End-point Assessment Organisation (EPAO).
See a demo of the platform, how it works, what it covers and what to do next to access the course. Find out how you can support your learners through updating your knowledge-base and what specific requirements are needed to become an End-point Assessor for an EPAO.
WSD2-03 Preparing to implement the Functional Skills reforms
Facilitated by Christine Edwards, National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics

Functional Skills have long been supported by employers as valued maths and English qualifications that meet the needs of the workplace. For Functional Skills to remain current and maintain level 2 parity with the 2015 GCSE changes, adjustments to Functional Skills maths and English are being implemented in September 2019.

This workshop will explain the changes, help to understand the impact for your organisation, and offer suggestions to ease transition to the new specifications.

WSD2-04 T Level Work Placement Pilot
Facilitated by Andrea Cunningham & Mark Compton, Access to Music

Key Learning From The T Level Work Placement Pilot - Sharing experience and practical advice of work placements in the Creative Industries:
  • How to engage employers
  • How to prepare learners
  • Innovation and flexibility 
  • What works for learners and employers, and what to avoid
  • Sharing good practice for end to end success
  • Case studies
WSD2-05 Employers approach to the skills challenge
Facilitated by Charlotte Freeman, NCFE

In this workshop, we will cover:

  • using apprenticeships to address the skills gap, how to maximise your levy or non-levy funding 
  • putting the employer in the driving seat, developing your employer engagement strategy
  • preparing employers for gateway and end-point assessment
WSD2-06 Canvas: How a modern VLE can drive an outstanding learner experience and help you scale your delivery
Facilitated by David Norton and Martin Lewarne, Canvas

The Canvas VLE supports an outstanding online learner experience and can can be utilised to deliver 20% off the job training and much more. Canvas’ adaptability supports organisations looking to scale their business and provides the flexibility to support a diverse range of offers.

In this session find out how:

  • Learners can be readily engaged in their learning
  • Trainers can easily create high quality content
  • Ease of use drives learner analytics to help providers make informed decisions, report to employers and improve retention rates.
WSD2-07 Building an effective diversity and inclusion strategy for apprenticeships
Facilitated by Isa Mutlib, Pathway Group and a panel including Susanna Lawson, OneFile & Yasmin Damree-Ralph, JTL

In this workshop, we aim to share some experiences and practical advice from organisations who have been practising diversity and inclusion within their organisation, some of the barriers they have faced, the successes and failures, and how you can build an effective diversity and inclusion strategy for apprenticeships within your organisation.
WSD2-08 Working in partnership with HEIs to deliver higher level degree apprenticeships
Facilitated by Claire Buckland, Green Clementine

This workshop is designed to be an interactive experience, aimed at connecting all providers who wish to work with higher and degree apprenticeships to create opportunities of forming partnerships. The facilitated discussions will highlight partnership opportunities, sector gaps, developing specialisms, employer requirements, best practice, and ongoing challenges
WSD2-09 Third Sector – TSNLA/AELP Partnership
Facilitated by Tim Ward, TSNLA

The third sector plays a critical role in skills and learning, particularly in relation to disadvantaged individuals and communities. However it is a continually uphill task to ensure that policy-makers and funders at a national and local level appreciate and value this contribution. TSNLA and AELP have recently agreed to pool resources and work together to improve this recognition and enhance support and representation for third sector providers.

The workshop will:

  • Explore the contribution the third sector makes to FE
  • Consider how the TSNLA/AELP partnership might work
  • Identify some of the issues and priorities that third sector providers need and wish the partnership to address
WSD2-10 End Point Assessments: Collaborating for Success
Facilitated by Gary Tovey and Paul Marston, Babcock International Group & Genevieve Allen, The John Lewis Partnership

In this workshop employers, providers and End Point Assessment Organisations (EPAOs) will discuss the impact of the move to End Point Assessments on apprenticeship training today and in the future, sharing best practices and developing new ideas for collaboration. In particular it will examine:
  • EPAOs, employers and providers partnering for success
  • Aligning EPAs to L&D strategy and governance implications 
  • Engagement of internal stakeholders 
  • Smoothing the path from Gateway to EPA
  • Managing contractual and operational challenges
  • Collaborative assessment planning
  • Looking ahead at resourcing and EPAO readiness
WSD2-11 Vitally important and influential sector but often overlooked
Facilitated by Rod Natkiel, Fair Train

The extraordinarily diverse Voluntary and Community Sector is huge. At a conservative estimate, it includes at least 160,000 registered charities (and it’s probably double that), employs more than 853,000 people and contributes in excess of £12.2bn to the UK economy. It impacts on all other sectors and, like them, faces significant challenges in its workforce development. Exploring those challenges and some of the ways they are being tackled, this session will also look at the opportunities this multi-faceted sector offers.
WSD2-12 How technology helps you win levy business with employers
Facilitated by Danny Taylor and Paul Best, Smart Apprentices

Get smart to grow your employer levy revenue

In the complex and convoluted world of apprenticeships let’s use smart technology to simplify this experience for employers, making it easy for them to invest their levy money with you.

This workshop will show you how technology helps you win levy contracts by simplifying the apprenticeship experience for employers.

After all most employers want to spend their levy, they don’t want to hand it over as another tax, you just need to make it easy for them to spend it with you.
WSD2-13 Blueprint for engaging employers
Facilitated by Scott Parkin, IEP

Learn about and get involved in our action-research to develop a blueprint for work with employers in vocational and employment programmes.

The Institute of Employability Professionals has teamed up with VRC Ltd and partners from Greece, Cyprus and Slovakia, with Public Employment Services in Estonia and Slovakia, and with Shaw Trust, Maximus, Working Links and Ingeus in the UK. In this presentation we will describe our work to research the evidence about ‘what works’ in engaging employers in effective work placement. Our project will create a short course for providers and a handbook of Good Practice, with e-Learning and a Quality Mark. The session will be challenging and interactive, to encourage attendees to contribute and participate in the project over the coming two years.
WSD2-14 Special Interest Group (SIG) and Sector Forum – Information Session
Facilitated by Cheryl Swales & Ceara Roopchand, AELP

Do you want to find out more about the AELP Member Special Interest Groups (SIGs) and Sector Forum meetings? Are you aware that we run these meetings in different geographical locations at least three times per year and the range of topics/sectors we cover?

AELP is also re-launching some of the Sector Forum groups in September 2018 with some new and some merged groups and we also have some new Chairs waiting in the wings and eager to get going. The aim is to align them to the 15 IfA routeway panels which will provide members with the opportunity to hear important updates on standards, EPA and T-Levels etc, relating to the sectors they are currently working in and of course, network with other like-minded providers/employers.

During a recent Customer Satisfaction Survey, respondents indicated that 74% used the AELP member exclusive network meetings (SIGs and Sector Forums) in 2017 but when asked if they will use them in 2018, this increased to 88%.

This session will be delivered in a drop-in style format designed to give you information on any topics/sectors you are currently interested in. The Senior Support Officers who manage the groups, Ceara Roopchand (SIGs) and Cheryl Swales (Sector Forums), will be on hand to answer any of your questions, let you know when the groups will next meet and discuss typical meeting agendas/speakers.

There are also opportunities for your organisation to Sponsor a group.

So pop along and see us to find out more!